What makes our cheese special…

The Orkney Islands are an agricultural paradise, lush green pastures and sea salt in the air coupled with excellent animal welfare standards produce a high-quality milk. This spectacular milk is a fantastic starting point for creating tasty cheese.

Burnside is a farmhouse-style cheese with a smooth, creamy character and firm texture. To be enjoyed as a tasty fresh cheese or as a versatile cooking ingredient – an Orkney alternative to halloumi or paneer. All our cheese is handmade in small batches using local pasteurised cow’s milk.

Processing begins by warming up the milk in the vat before vinegar is added to curdle the milk. Next the curds are sieved out and drained. Salt is added as the curds are measured out into forms which give the cheese its round shape and the final step is to press the cheese.

Product information

Burnside Original

INGREDIENTS Milk, Vinegar (Barley), Salt Allergen ingredients in bold. NUTRITION per 100g Energy  1271KJ/306Kcal Fat 24.8g of which saturates 17.3g Carbohydrates 2.3g of which sugars 2.3g Fibre 1g Protien  17.8g Salt  1.4g